The Land That Time Forgot

And So It Begins

Or the Tale of How Things Started

Our group of adventurers awoke in a pile, on a strange floor of a strange room, in a strange place surrounded by very strange people. They were tired and sore, but otherwise unharmed. However, after a very brief round of introductions and contemplations, they discovered that none of them knew where they were or how they got there. They agreed to more or less go in the same direction and maybe try to figure out what happened. They asked the barkeep. He was drunk. But he also didn’t know how they got there. He did mention something about people disappearing by the beach and that they were in Faerinal. So Hendrick decided that he should do something about that. The everchanging Xil decided to accompany him when the barkeep mentioned gold would be rewarded by the chancellor. They discussed this with their fellow confused adventurers and everyone tentatively agreed to go investigate. An unenthusiastic sailor and short walk later, they discovered a small cave. Which led to a bigger cave and lots of walking. But treasure and hooch was found. Also skeletons. And then eventually sahuagans. But they killed those.

When they returned to town, the chancellor was told of their heroic deeds and they were rewarded. They told him how they had appeared in the town and he was incredibly interested but clueless as to how. So he sent his court wizard. A drunk old man with a great deal of magnificent facial hair. Some of which was bestowed upon Hendrick fairly accidentally. The wizard examined the scene of the appearance briefly and proclaimed strange magicks to be afoot. Then he left. He was coerced into sharing and he sobered up long enough to tell our adventurers that something powerful had put them there. Whatever it was, they had come here together. But it was setting them on a path to do something great or something terrible. He was unclear what had happened or why, but only knew that they were not intended to stay in Faerinal.


…and the barbarian saw that the hooch was good.

And So It Begins

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