The Land That Time Forgot

Tally Ho!

Let's Go Somewhere Else

Our group of adventurers has had little luck determining how they came to be in such a place in such a fashion. They weren’t given much time to investigate as the ever-helpful Chancellor of Faerinal volunteered them for any work the more lucrative citizens might need them for. Rutger Kattenbeard, the finest blacksmith in the city, needed guards to keep his wares and his apprentice safe on their journey to Dulala, a market city to the Northeast. Naturally, they were attacked by bandits along the way, but they made fairly quick work of them, scoring a fair bit of loot along the way. They eventually made it to Dulala and were paid in equiptment upgrades and hefty discounts. They were also told that there was a branch of the Magic Academy here in Dulala that might help them with the answers they seek. After talking to the Grandmaster Wizard, the Master of Research and the Mistress of Obscure Magicks, they were told that the only feasable thing with enough magic to pull them all from their respective places was the Hourglass of Lendor. Though who had done so was unknown and even if that were truly what had happened. This was simply a highly educated guess. The only known temple to Lendor was deep in the Mørdbrød Mountains, in the Dwarven city. And so our adventurers rented a coach and decided to head that way.



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