The Land That Time Forgot

Woop! There He Goes

The Rather Unfortunate Happenings of Fitzpatrick McCorrigan

Following their encounter with the Gynosphinx, Hendrick tried to wear the shiny shiny cog from Mechanica. And instead it swallowed him and sent him to a strange and wonderous place. The rest of the party took their turns debating about whether or not to follow him, until at last Merrily was left alone on the Material Plane with the cog. Eventually she discovered that if she spun the cog it stretched large enough to walk through and it opened a portal that was traversible from both sides. With that done, the party all met on the other side. Rix discovered that she could grab hold of the cog from the other side and pull it through. She strapped it to her back. Meanwhile, Hendrick had been trying to figure out how to open the portal from his side which included attacking it with his weapons (which had reverted to their previous, normal size), throwing rubble at the wall, and generally poking and prodding. It seemed to him that he produced results several times. Though this was merely the others investigating the portal themselves. While everyone was traveling back and forth, Hendrick went off and asked the nearest person where he was. Because the extent of his knowledge was that he was in an alley. And he wanted to know what that alley connected to. Luckily for him, the nearest person to him was an older, kind-faced halfling called Fitzpatrick McCorrigan. Who Hendrick simply called Patrick. Patrick told him that he was in Sigil, the gateway to the Planes. Hendrick went to tell his friends and Patrick came with. He told them all that he was a registered tout, well versed in the many intersecting pathways of Sigil and beyond. They asked him if he could get them to Mechanica. He told them that he’d have to go call in a couple of favors and search around for a bit. He gave them a Dwarven Speaking Stone so he could call to them when he was ready. He left them at the nearest tavern and went about his task. They ate, they shopped, and they generally felt slightly uncomfortable in the Demon District of Sigil.

Eventually Patrick called to them and met them where they stood. He led them through a couple of districts, down several back streets, and up several flights of stairs to a small dwelling in an oddly shaped building. He led them past an old woman who paid them no mind and into the back room which was bare save for a pair of tapestries and a boot. Putting the boot on sucked the traveler into it and through to the Plane of Law, Mechanica. When Patrick brought up that the party owed him money for his services, everyone sort of fumbled and mumbled for a bit. Then Hide grabbed the cog of Rix’s back and dropped it over Patrick. With a very brief and barely audible “whoomp” Patrick was gone. Hide wore the gear and they all put the boot on in turn to head to Mechanica.

Xil, due to his chaotic nature, felt a bit of a strain being on Mechanica, but soldiered on with the rest of them. They walked toward the center of the clockwork plane where there was a city surrounding the Offices of Law. The city housed the dead souls of those who upheld the law, but was empty save for one man. They were all out performing their meticulously regimented tasks. He was there to act as greeter to new souls and visitors. However he was on his scheduled break. They asked how they could see Lendor, whether someone had used the Hourglass, and other such questions. The only answer they were given was that there was a queue to see Lendor and that the line was exactly two hundred years wait. Unless you had an appointment. And strangely, Hide did. So Hide and Rix went in to see Lendor. They actually met with an Avatar of Lendor, a clockwork construct larger than life. He spoke cryptically and briefly, causing the cleric to have a conviction confliction. They were not given many answers save that whatever put them together was yet to come. And that if they continued on their path it would again come to be. he insinuated that it involved Hendrick being contacted. With that, he dismissed them.

Hide and Rix met up with the rest of the party who had been suffering from the immaculate perfection of the waiting area. Hide confronted Hendrick about where he gets his orders to kill cultists and Hendrick reluctantly divulged that they came from a demon. What is next in store for our party? Where will they find the answers they seek? And whatever happened to poor Fitzpatrick McCorrigan? Find out next time.



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