The Land That Time Forgot

Woop! There He Goes
The Rather Unfortunate Happenings of Fitzpatrick McCorrigan

Following their encounter with the Gynosphinx, Hendrick tried to wear the shiny shiny cog from Mechanica. And instead it swallowed him and sent him to a strange and wonderous place. The rest of the party took their turns debating about whether or not to follow him, until at last Merrily was left alone on the Material Plane with the cog. Eventually she discovered that if she spun the cog it stretched large enough to walk through and it opened a portal that was traversible from both sides. With that done, the party all met on the other side. Rix discovered that she could grab hold of the cog from the other side and pull it through. She strapped it to her back. Meanwhile, Hendrick had been trying to figure out how to open the portal from his side which included attacking it with his weapons (which had reverted to their previous, normal size), throwing rubble at the wall, and generally poking and prodding. It seemed to him that he produced results several times. Though this was merely the others investigating the portal themselves. While everyone was traveling back and forth, Hendrick went off and asked the nearest person where he was. Because the extent of his knowledge was that he was in an alley. And he wanted to know what that alley connected to. Luckily for him, the nearest person to him was an older, kind-faced halfling called Fitzpatrick McCorrigan. Who Hendrick simply called Patrick. Patrick told him that he was in Sigil, the gateway to the Planes. Hendrick went to tell his friends and Patrick came with. He told them all that he was a registered tout, well versed in the many intersecting pathways of Sigil and beyond. They asked him if he could get them to Mechanica. He told them that he’d have to go call in a couple of favors and search around for a bit. He gave them a Dwarven Speaking Stone so he could call to them when he was ready. He left them at the nearest tavern and went about his task. They ate, they shopped, and they generally felt slightly uncomfortable in the Demon District of Sigil.

Eventually Patrick called to them and met them where they stood. He led them through a couple of districts, down several back streets, and up several flights of stairs to a small dwelling in an oddly shaped building. He led them past an old woman who paid them no mind and into the back room which was bare save for a pair of tapestries and a boot. Putting the boot on sucked the traveler into it and through to the Plane of Law, Mechanica. When Patrick brought up that the party owed him money for his services, everyone sort of fumbled and mumbled for a bit. Then Hide grabbed the cog of Rix’s back and dropped it over Patrick. With a very brief and barely audible “whoomp” Patrick was gone. Hide wore the gear and they all put the boot on in turn to head to Mechanica.

Xil, due to his chaotic nature, felt a bit of a strain being on Mechanica, but soldiered on with the rest of them. They walked toward the center of the clockwork plane where there was a city surrounding the Offices of Law. The city housed the dead souls of those who upheld the law, but was empty save for one man. They were all out performing their meticulously regimented tasks. He was there to act as greeter to new souls and visitors. However he was on his scheduled break. They asked how they could see Lendor, whether someone had used the Hourglass, and other such questions. The only answer they were given was that there was a queue to see Lendor and that the line was exactly two hundred years wait. Unless you had an appointment. And strangely, Hide did. So Hide and Rix went in to see Lendor. They actually met with an Avatar of Lendor, a clockwork construct larger than life. He spoke cryptically and briefly, causing the cleric to have a conviction confliction. They were not given many answers save that whatever put them together was yet to come. And that if they continued on their path it would again come to be. he insinuated that it involved Hendrick being contacted. With that, he dismissed them.

Hide and Rix met up with the rest of the party who had been suffering from the immaculate perfection of the waiting area. Hide confronted Hendrick about where he gets his orders to kill cultists and Hendrick reluctantly divulged that they came from a demon. What is next in store for our party? Where will they find the answers they seek? And whatever happened to poor Fitzpatrick McCorrigan? Find out next time.

It's Interrogation, Not Torture
Or Why Dave Has a Broken Leg

We find our heroes sleeping off the night’s festivities in the Greased Gear, patron tavern of the City of Gond. When they awaken, they decide that their best course of action would be to head to the nearby cavern of cultists and deal with them appropriately. Xil and Merrily went to the jeweler to get some items and then the party headed out. They hiked up the mountains in the snow or probably not snow and eventually found the entrance to the cavern in a small valley. The entrance was marked with evil looking runes and littered with freshly picked bones. A foul energy emanated from within. The party entered the main chamber and were met by several cultists. As Hendrick set about questioning them as to their purposes, Hide began murdering them instead. Xil attempted to help question, but only succeeded in scaring and confusing the remaining cultist. With him dead, Xil shifted into one of the now deceased cultists and donned their robes. Hendrick disguised himself as another cultist and the two went toward where the cleric had detected the faint presence of magic. Their goal was to be let into the inner chamber and discover what the cultists were planning, then to draw up a plan of attack. They told the gatekeeper their tale of being beset by strange men and killing them all. The gatekeeper requested the bodies. So Hendrick and Xil returned to the antechamber and mutilated the faces of the dead cultists and dragged them back to the large, ornate doors. They were ushered inside the main room after the gatekeeper, Uncle Cultist, whispered the magic password to dispel the lock. Hendrick began chatting up Uncle Cultist, complaining about their apparent boss, Vistrus, not knowing he was in the room. What met Hendrick’s gaze was a seven foot tall Cambion. Blood red skin decorated with devilish black tattoos, large leathery wings protruding from his back, a pointed tail, and sharp looking horns protruding from his brow. Yes, this was definitely something culty. There were a few other cultists busying themselves tampering with a magic circle on the ground. Hendrick excused himself to go make sure they got all the bodies and returned to the party and let them know what was going on. He shrouded them in magical darkness and led them back toward the door. The wizard, cleric, and barbarian hid within the darkness until Hendrick got the doors opened and then on his word, fled the darkness and screamed their battle cries as they burst into the room. Merrily cast a shatter spell and hit the four cultists around the circle, shattering a couple of their swords in the process. Hide brushed past the underlings and headed straight for the cambion. Rix blasted Vistrus with her clericy powers and Hendrick and Xil confused Uncle Cultist as to which of them were the doppleganger trying to infiltrate the cult. Eventually Xil took the credit he was due and celebrated by shanking Uncle Cultist in the gut. Hendrick went to “save” Vistrus from Hide and instead slashed him with a scimitar. Xil’s cover having been blown, he danced away from Uncle Cultist and cast a sleep spell on the other four cultists. They dropped to the floor and were promptly forgotten about. Vistrus briefly gained mental control of Hide and then was impaled on a pair of scimitars in the hands of Cultist Marcus (which was the name of the guy Hendrick disguised himself as). The sleeping cultists were tied up and Hendrick joined them to try to get them to talk. Hide carved the wings off Vistrus and kept them for his dinner. Xil stole Cultist Steve and set up his own special version of interrogation. Uncle Cultist tried to run away so Rix bashed his face in. Then she went to interrogate the cultists after they woke up. They didn’t know anything. Hide tried his way. They didn’t know anything and Dave got his leg broken. Steve told Xil that none of them really knew why they were destroying the circle except Vistrus had received orders. Xil looted Vistrus’ body and found the orders. Along with a couple of astral diamonds. The orders essentially told Vistrus to pay and or bribe as many people as possible to join him in a cult to an unnamed demon. Their current goal for his glory was to destroy this magic circle and any like it they could find. These circles were critical to Mephistopheles’ rise to power and could potentially even grant his followers greater power. They had all learned something valuable after Xil shared this information with everyone else. While Xil convinced Cultist Steve to turn his life around, Hendrick and everyone else began experimenting with the magic circle. They discovered that when Hendrick touched it, the circle glowed. But only when Hendrick did so. In a stroke of critical thinking, Hendrick walked into the center of the circle and the whole thing glowed. It completed itself and granted him a strange and unusual power. Steve came back and told Xil there was a hidden room somewhere full of treasure but the cultists never had time to find it. The adventurers eventually found it, narrowly avoided the traps that surrounded the treasure rooms and found what appeared to be incredibly magical items. Miraculously, one item per member of the party and even more fantastically, almost as if they had been crafted just for them. They explored far enough to find a small hidden study with a couple of half rotten books and not much else. Then they let the cultists go, got briefly assaulted by pitte ehkspees and fell soundly to sleep within the cavern. Next to Vistrus’ bleeding corpse.

An Axe In The Dark

Or adventurers were on their merry way to the Dwarven city of Skitne Ølhull, in a nice carriage manned by an apathetic dark elf named D’khwann. Along their uneventful journey, Hendrick found himself privy to information regarding the location of some nearby cultists. He convinced the group to go with him to take them out. Hide convinced D’khwann to stay put and not take off without them. Both tasks were exceedingly easy. When they found the cultists, it appeared as though some of them were attempting to do something to a magic circle. Our adventurers made quick work of poor Steve. Bred and Chuckles soon followed. There was something of a din in the next cavern. There they found some sort of cultist gathering which involved much food and drink. Merrily destroyed the festivities with a well placed shatter spell and the rest of the cultists fell quickly. Rix discovered that the cave the cultists had set up in was an abandoned temple to Corellon and did her best to resanctify its grounds. Hendrick found a note regarding the cult’s purpose in the cave. Then they went back to D’khwann and concluded their journey to Skitne Ølhull.

Once there, they set about looking for the temple of Lendor. Thankfully, Dwarven Jeff was there to point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, the priestess told them that the Hourglass hadn’t left Mechanica and therefore hadn’t been used to transport them to where they started this journey. Xil talked to one of his contacts in the Dwarven city, looking for Thieves’ Guild jobs or rumors. Hendrick buys a nifty brooch. There were rumors of cultists in the mountains and the potential of great treasure hidden in the caverns. That night, Hendrick dreams of the same cave in the mountains. Feeling as though they traveled far too long a journey to come up completely empty handed, they decided to continue on to the City of Gond so Xil can gather some things from his home.

As the City of Gond comes into view, the party sees that they are being attacked by an incredibly ugly Ettin. The party leaps to their aide. Spells fly, blades slice, and the rogue casts grease. Hendrick casts darkness, hoping to confuse the Ettin and Hide attempts to grapple the Ettin and succeeds in locking himself around both of Rumpeansikter’s legs. This puts the Ettin at a heavy disadvantage and he blindly swings his formidable battle axe between his legs, hoping to dislodge the barbarian. Instead, he swings too hard, slips in the grease, falls faces first and succeeds in planting his axe neatly between his buttocks. Humiliated and suffering from a rapidly growing case of anal discharge, Rumpeansikter accepts his defeat and Merrily puts him out of his misery. The gnomes of Gond celebrate with the party that night. Xil finds his things. And everyone has a delicious feast of roasted Ettin leg thanks to Hide’s knack for finding something to eat.

Tally Ho!
Let's Go Somewhere Else

Our group of adventurers has had little luck determining how they came to be in such a place in such a fashion. They weren’t given much time to investigate as the ever-helpful Chancellor of Faerinal volunteered them for any work the more lucrative citizens might need them for. Rutger Kattenbeard, the finest blacksmith in the city, needed guards to keep his wares and his apprentice safe on their journey to Dulala, a market city to the Northeast. Naturally, they were attacked by bandits along the way, but they made fairly quick work of them, scoring a fair bit of loot along the way. They eventually made it to Dulala and were paid in equiptment upgrades and hefty discounts. They were also told that there was a branch of the Magic Academy here in Dulala that might help them with the answers they seek. After talking to the Grandmaster Wizard, the Master of Research and the Mistress of Obscure Magicks, they were told that the only feasable thing with enough magic to pull them all from their respective places was the Hourglass of Lendor. Though who had done so was unknown and even if that were truly what had happened. This was simply a highly educated guess. The only known temple to Lendor was deep in the Mørdbrød Mountains, in the Dwarven city. And so our adventurers rented a coach and decided to head that way.

And So It Begins
Or the Tale of How Things Started

Our group of adventurers awoke in a pile, on a strange floor of a strange room, in a strange place surrounded by very strange people. They were tired and sore, but otherwise unharmed. However, after a very brief round of introductions and contemplations, they discovered that none of them knew where they were or how they got there. They agreed to more or less go in the same direction and maybe try to figure out what happened. They asked the barkeep. He was drunk. But he also didn’t know how they got there. He did mention something about people disappearing by the beach and that they were in Faerinal. So Hendrick decided that he should do something about that. The everchanging Xil decided to accompany him when the barkeep mentioned gold would be rewarded by the chancellor. They discussed this with their fellow confused adventurers and everyone tentatively agreed to go investigate. An unenthusiastic sailor and short walk later, they discovered a small cave. Which led to a bigger cave and lots of walking. But treasure and hooch was found. Also skeletons. And then eventually sahuagans. But they killed those.

When they returned to town, the chancellor was told of their heroic deeds and they were rewarded. They told him how they had appeared in the town and he was incredibly interested but clueless as to how. So he sent his court wizard. A drunk old man with a great deal of magnificent facial hair. Some of which was bestowed upon Hendrick fairly accidentally. The wizard examined the scene of the appearance briefly and proclaimed strange magicks to be afoot. Then he left. He was coerced into sharing and he sobered up long enough to tell our adventurers that something powerful had put them there. Whatever it was, they had come here together. But it was setting them on a path to do something great or something terrible. He was unclear what had happened or why, but only knew that they were not intended to stay in Faerinal.

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