The Land That Time Forgot

An Axe In The Dark

Or adventurers were on their merry way to the Dwarven city of Skitne Ølhull, in a nice carriage manned by an apathetic dark elf named D’khwann. Along their uneventful journey, Hendrick found himself privy to information regarding the location of some nearby cultists. He convinced the group to go with him to take them out. Hide convinced D’khwann to stay put and not take off without them. Both tasks were exceedingly easy. When they found the cultists, it appeared as though some of them were attempting to do something to a magic circle. Our adventurers made quick work of poor Steve. Bred and Chuckles soon followed. There was something of a din in the next cavern. There they found some sort of cultist gathering which involved much food and drink. Merrily destroyed the festivities with a well placed shatter spell and the rest of the cultists fell quickly. Rix discovered that the cave the cultists had set up in was an abandoned temple to Corellon and did her best to resanctify its grounds. Hendrick found a note regarding the cult’s purpose in the cave. Then they went back to D’khwann and concluded their journey to Skitne Ølhull.

Once there, they set about looking for the temple of Lendor. Thankfully, Dwarven Jeff was there to point them in the right direction. Unfortunately, the priestess told them that the Hourglass hadn’t left Mechanica and therefore hadn’t been used to transport them to where they started this journey. Xil talked to one of his contacts in the Dwarven city, looking for Thieves’ Guild jobs or rumors. Hendrick buys a nifty brooch. There were rumors of cultists in the mountains and the potential of great treasure hidden in the caverns. That night, Hendrick dreams of the same cave in the mountains. Feeling as though they traveled far too long a journey to come up completely empty handed, they decided to continue on to the City of Gond so Xil can gather some things from his home.

As the City of Gond comes into view, the party sees that they are being attacked by an incredibly ugly Ettin. The party leaps to their aide. Spells fly, blades slice, and the rogue casts grease. Hendrick casts darkness, hoping to confuse the Ettin and Hide attempts to grapple the Ettin and succeeds in locking himself around both of Rumpeansikter’s legs. This puts the Ettin at a heavy disadvantage and he blindly swings his formidable battle axe between his legs, hoping to dislodge the barbarian. Instead, he swings too hard, slips in the grease, falls faces first and succeeds in planting his axe neatly between his buttocks. Humiliated and suffering from a rapidly growing case of anal discharge, Rumpeansikter accepts his defeat and Merrily puts him out of his misery. The gnomes of Gond celebrate with the party that night. Xil finds his things. And everyone has a delicious feast of roasted Ettin leg thanks to Hide’s knack for finding something to eat.



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